Week 6

I would very much agree with the statement “Cirriculum is complicated”. From what I’ve learned that is 100% true. There are so many different perspectives and people who deal with creating curriculum it just creates a huge mess and confusion. Many school boards have to take in count from many peoples different ideas and then try and take apply all the ideas to make the best curriculum possible. There is always judgment on the curriculum too it’s like it’s never perfect, something always needs to be fixed or needs to be added which is good but that is what makes cirriculum so messy. Not only does this make it difficult to decide what should be taught but it makes it difficult to decide what should be the main outcomes and focuses, how far every student should get through out the year. One piece that really stood out to me was the “Saskatchewan Way” by Henry Janzen’s and his quotes that he made regarding teachers, parents, students, and the community determining what should be included and what shouldn’t be.

Curriculum is the shifts from the planned out activities to those times where you need to think on the spot and have those unplanned transmissions. Curriculum is very much involved in everyday learning, every second teaching. There always needs to be a plan and it is so difficult to handle curriculum because there will always be different opinions. Some people are focused on not only achieving grade level but also going over that grade level where as other opinions are seen as I’m satisfied with the bare minimum. Some perspectives are you need to focus mainly on English as that is the key to a students success. Where as a different perspective says we need to spend more time on math. These are all factors in what makes planning out a curriculum so confusing and difficult. I know many times in my school we would always have fire drills or lockdowns during math and we missed out on a lot of math so had to catch up. So that was just a unplanned sequence that happened where we needed to adjust time and what we were being taught to catch up. I think cirriculums are what makes the schools run so smoothly if planned correctly so it is very imprortant to focus on curriculum.

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