On the first day of class, Katia told us the importance of this blog post. Through actively interacting with my classmates, I have found a great group of people who share great resources, have who have supported me, made new friends, I am forever grateful for this class and how much this class has made me connect more than any of my other classes.

I believe I have become a better student by actively being more engaged through making better connections and actively all working together. Twitter has been a huge step in creating this last connection and has caused me to break out and talk to more of my fellow classmates rather than sitting in the same seat with the same classmates. This led to me sharing in Zoom alone, as a group, helping lead the group through actively volunteering to speak, finding research, or fill out the document.

I have commented on every classmate’s blog at least once, sometimes twice. My blog posts often end with open questions where students can decide to answer. I have also shared a few classmates’ blogs in my blog post. (Cassie, Julia, Lydia and Morgan), I go to twitter for advice and I often get a handful of comments and compliments.

I have participated in three other twitter chats from the Sasked Chat, and hope to continue to participate in more once all three of my summer classes are complete. 

Commenting on blogs: I tried to find one thing to compliment and one question to learn. If my classmate responded to the question I would read it!

April made some awesome donuts. (Making them on June 20)

Celine’s & Jordan’s Cooking

Hailey’s Embroidery 

Brianne & Hannah ASL

Learning from Lydia

There are many more of my classmates blogs who I did not show our conversion. 


Seeking help/advice for another class

I have connected and will continue to stay connected. Thank you to everyone who has made this an unforgettable experience. See you on Twitter!!