The third activity is called “Hungry Decisions”, where you will have to read the questions very carefully and critically think about the decisions you are making.

Part One

Your job is to download the PowerPoint or click on the PowerPoint image and work through the slideshow. (See below for image.)

Once you have downloaded the document, you will see two small arrows at the bottom left of the screen to continue the presentation. You may pick the female or male story and continue to make decisions based on the circumstances and select what you think is the best options for you and your family moving forward. Remember that you are living in another country and the circumstances are the harsh reality of these peoples lives. Remember to read carefully and choose wisely because the decisions you make may determine whether you will still be alive by the end of the activity.

Click here to for access to the website where you will download the PowerPoint Hungry Decisions.

Part Two

Please use complete sentences.

Choose one of the decisions you made and explain how you decided what option to pick. There is no right or wrong answer as long as you explain and support your thoughts with reasonings.

Explain how living in Canada has given you some privileges compared to the people in part one? How has your opinion of food security for yourself, for your community, for your country, and for the world, changed from the beginning of this module.

*Create your own word document to write your own reflection. Please ensure you have a title, your name and the date. Submit your reflection by April 22 @ 3pm through email. If you have any questions or concerns remember to email me before the due date.

Next class, we will discuss our Canadian privilege and close our discussions about food security for yourself, for your community, for your country, and for the world.