Week Three: Working Together

In the kindergarten room, the teacher relies a lot on the parents. The teacher relies on the parents to do their part to help the students – their children do the best they can. Doing homework and working on skills at home with your child is very important and can make a huge difference.

In the grade two room, the teacher relies mostly on the students. The teacher relies on the students to work quietly and respectfully when they work alone or in groups. When working independently, the student are to try their best and ask for help when needed. When working together, they must help each other and show how they can act as a team.


Week Four: Diversity

Visible – I see many different forms of diversity between the two grades that I am helping with. The grade two room that I help with has a girl with a disability, who I get to assist. She is very well behaved, happy and excited to see me. People with disability have their own strengths that they are good at. The girl in my grade two class has a strength in math, she may have others, but this is the only one I know of! Both classrooms have students who express their culture in what they wear.

Non-Visible – I decided to ask the teachers I am placed with, to discuss diversity in the school to learn more. One of the teachers thought that a learning disability could be a form of diversity that may be harder to see. They said sometimes as teachers, it can be hard to understand the student’s needs.