What is Food Security: Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, means that all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life. We must learn about food security as people all over the world face food security and as a result health related problems.

Why Food Security is Important: Food security is important because there are many health related issues that families may endure. Some of the health related problems may include impaired physical and cognitive abilities in children. Generally, food insecurity and hunger amounts to poor health status, children being sick more often, with higher rates of iron deficiency anemia that results in children being frequently hospitalized. This is why it is important to have local Canadian supports for ourselves and for others and also for learning about the hardship that some families face.

 This assignment relates to the following outcome(s):

 IN6.1: Evaluate and represent personal beliefs and values by determining how culture and place influence them.

IN6.3: Develop an understanding that global interdependence impacts individual daily life in Canada and a selection of countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

PA6.2: Analyze the distribution of power and privilege in Canada and a selection of countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean.  

  • All of the above outcomes can be used throughout the module but more specifically to the activity Hungry Decisions (Part One & Part Two).

Special instructions: Please ensure students have some previous knowledge on what food security is or have a quick discussion to lead students into this module. Students must read slowly and carefully through the module. As the teacher, you may have to stress that food security is a serious topic and people have to make very tough decisions for themselves and their family. Be sure students take their time to think about what you are writing and what choices they are picking in the “Hungry Decisions” activity.