My students will be diverse as they all come to my classroom with different life experiences, learning experiences and different lifelong goals.  It will be my job as a teacher to understand their strengths, celebrate their differences to create an environment which will allow each of them to thrive, just like planting a garden.

When you are planting a garden, you have to take time to think about what will thrive in the environment you live in. The environment includes, the amount of sunlight, the daily temperature differences, what plants compliment one another, etc. These details will determine how you care for the seeds and the care the seeds require to grow strongly. Similarly, to in a classroom, teachers need to take time to think about and consider the appearance of their classroom. The classroom environment should be inclusive to all. Teachers can have inclusiveness by learning what students compliment each other learners and who may need more time to understand each other’s differences to build a strong classroom foundation/environment.

All vegetation needs warmth from the sun whether it is directly in the sun or in the shade.  Similarly, to teachers should be a positive role model in and out of the classroom for students.

The seed whether it is peas, corn, potatoes can represent the beginning of the child’s educational journey. It represents all the endless possibilities that a child has in their future.  As the seed grows it forms a stem. The stem supports the weight of the plant. The stem attaches the roots to the rest of the plant. Each part of the plant slowly grows along side other vegetation. This reminds me of how a teacher’s task is to connect present content with past content the children have been taught. Education is cumulative as it builds off itself.

As the plant grows further it will flower with the opening of the small pedals. This reminds me of the openness of a child’s mind. All plants grow at different rates reminds me of the variation in learning that is present in the classroom. We are all capable of achieving our goals.

At the end we are able to harvest all of the produce goods from the garden. My family often shares our good with others. Similarly, to how teacher’s can learn from students and use their knowledge to make learning enhancement for the next time. Teacher’s often share students with other teachers that may teach different subject areas or when students move to the next grade level. This starts the process again.  

*These are not my photos. Photos can be found on Esty.