The second activity is called “Grocery/Meal Budget Time!!”, where in part one you will only have $100.00 to spend on groceries for 7 days. (So, there should be NO negative numbers.) You are only feeding yourself. You may decide to purchase multiple quantities of certain items, please see the bottom of the excel sheet to see how much money you have left to spend.

Please see the document below to start shopping!!

Part Two

Plan a week of supper meals (five to seven different meals) from what you have spent from part one (above).  Be sure to include the recipes.  (You can assume you have a few spices, basic baking items and condiments.)

*Create your own blank document or PowerPoint to display your recipes. You will also use this document to write your reflection for part three.

Part Three

Reflect on your experience of buying your own groceries and meal planning. What items were not on the list that you wish you could purchase? Explain how this item would have been benefitical. Did you feel you had food security while completing this assignment? Explain.

***Use the same document from part two to write your reflection.

What is expected of you:

  • That you have only spend $100.00.
  • You have five to seven supper meals planned. Each of the meals have the recipe included.
  • Create an information poster or power point for part two.
  • Your reflection uses complete sentences.
  • Complete both part two and part three on one document. Be sure to label your document with titles and/or subheadings.

If you have time:

  • Add pictures to part two.
  • Add items you may add or what spices are used in addition to what is bought.
  • Price out items you wish you could have purchased.

Next class, we will see the variation in what your classmates bought and didn’t buy in the grocery list and how food security is important to consider as it happens all over the world. Then later, we will be doing an activity where you have to make life or death decisions. We will learn that that these decisions are a reality of many people’s lives.