MyEnglishLab provides extra support for your students outside the classroom, when you the teacher are not around.

iscollective has ESL worksheets, videos, activities and PowerPoint that support teachers and students.

The ESL Library has 1,000+ Printable & Digital Lessons for a variety of ages and difficulties.

ESL Cyber Listening Lab provides people to create their own website, speaking lesson, listening lesson, grammar testing and more!

The website, Useful English, is for those who are studying English an additional language. Where student can practice their grammar, pronunciation and so much more that includes idioms!

Learning Chocolate is a vocabulary based platform with over 20 categories.

Science Journal for Kids and Teens has almost 150 articles with many differenent topics that are interest of a variety of people.

Interesting Article: Does my voice whiten me or not? A reflection on the instability of race and accent (by Vijay Ramjattan) Comprehension question: What does Vijay Ramjattan mean when he says, “this person was hearing my race rather than my actual voice” ?

Starfall is a children’s website that teaches basic English reading and writing skills. The main demographic is preschoolers, and kindergarteners. It teaches children how to read by using games and phonics. Great resource for all students.

More Resources below but are too large to be uploaded!

Portfolio-Based Language Assessment (PBLA): Guide for Teachers & Programs. Please email or connect with me on Twitter to forward this important document. (see homepage for details.)

Canadian Language Benchmarks English as a Second Language for Adults. This also a large document so please connect with me!

**If you have a resource you would like me to add, please feel free to connect with me!**