Month: May 2020

The Wheel of…

Colour Schemes:

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artistic person (like me). I still believe you are able to develop a good scheme, because you’ve probably encountered situations where you’ve had to select colors for something. (For example, when you get dressed for the day or when you are decorating for a holiday.)

See the pictures below:

I learned about colour wheels in my Art 220 class
Learning about colour wheels

Complementary colors are any two colors opposite each other on the wheel. For example, blue and orange, or red and green.

Analogous colors are any three colors next to each other on the wheel. For example, orange, yellow-orange, and yellow.

Triadic colors are any three colors that are equally apart on the color wheel. For example, red, yellow and blue.

Split complementary colors use three colors. The scheme takes one color and matches it with the two colors adjacent to its complementary color. For example, blue, yellow-orange and red-orange.

Tetradic or double complementary colors uses four colors together, in the form of two sets of complementary colors. For example, blue and orange is paired with yellow and violet. 

Find more here.

Fill in the Blank: Milk _________

From this article, I learned more about types of paint and which would be best for me to use on the dresser that I am refinishing. I have learned that there are: 

  •  Latex paint has multiple finishes including satin, semi-gloss, or glossy finishes.
  • Chalk Paint is water-based paint typically has latex as its base, but delivers a thicker, buildable texture.
  • Milk paint for furniture is popular for its eco-friendly ingredients with no chemicals or added fumes.

Most of all, this video has really helped me in the process of my learning project. It shows cleaning, sanding and painting of a dresser. I am hoping to use the electric sander for my next project!

Home Hardware Website

Later, I went onto the Home Hardware website to see what they had to offer for different kinds of paint. They had a variety of paints and I fell in love with the chalk paint colours.. So I screenshotted some of the options I had and posted to twitter to ask my followers to help decide which colour to use. 

I went into our local Home Hardware where I showed the staff what I wanted to paint and asked their advice then what colour they thought would work. They suggested I use a different type of paint specially designed for furniture and cabinets. The staff mentioned that the chalk paint works well as it dries fast, which is a plus, but also means that brush strokes can be seen if you revisit an area for touch-up once the paint has started to dry. She suggested this product as you would save a step and that they could mix this paint to any colour I want. So, I decided to buy some screws and other non-related items as I wanted a day to think about this decision. 

What’s Next

  • Learning about colour schemes.
  • Picking a colour.

Learning About Yourself

Participation and engagement are crucial for classrooms to function especially since classes have been moved to remote learning and both are equally important for inside the classroom. Michael Wesch’s video, called “An Anthropological Introduction on YouTube.”  on YouTube is a video I recommend others to watch.  It shows the growth of social media and how it has changed drastically over the past decade. Technology advances help support multiple students with different learning styles and enhance the information to be processed.  Here is a quiz to see what learning style you are. The website, education planner, has a series of twenty questions that must be answered, and then describes your percentage of the three types of learning styles. The three learning styles are: 

  • Auditory: If you are an auditory learner, you learn by hearing and listening. You understand and remember things you have heard.
  • Tactile: If you are a tactile learner, you learn by touching and doing.
  • Visual: If you are a visual learner, you learn by reading or seeing pictures. 

On the left side bar, there is a resource that shows what study habits you may be able improve upon. Knowing how you learn best, may help you learn what you can do for yourself and may help you with your learning journey. Teachers may use many strategies in the classroom to ensure  their instruction supports the many different learning styles. Educators may use twitter or other social media to collaborate and share ideas to make their classroom inclusive to multiple learning styles. Not only are connections with other education teachers important, teachers  need to be aware of the apps that are being used today by our students; knowing about current apps may give teachers insight on how technology affects students. 

Growing alongside technology for our education professional development is necessary for our classrooms as technology has the power to enhance our classrooms.

  • How do you learn best?
  • What learning style fits you best?
  • What are your study habits?

Colour or Color?

I like this video, because it has a lot of information about the colour wheel. I really liked how Cody and Ashlee talk about the vibe you want to give the room. This has helped give me more insight on what I want to do. 

Some options I like are:

White: matches my room and has a modern look.

Some colour options I posted to Twitter

Grey: neutral, matches colours well.

Aqua blue: matches my room now, but may not in the future (and would be more difficult to sell my project, if I choose to.)

Brown: always in style, may be hard to match as there are many hues of brown.

Also consider what the meaning of these colours are:

I think white, grey & brown are plain colours, but this paint on the walls brings out the white, grey & brown. 

I think aqua is inviting to the room, but this may cause difficulties with picking a colour for the walls. 

It is also important to note that the dresser is in a bedroom which is a personal space for a person/people. 

 *Side note this video which is uploaded from Lowes and says that their website offers customers a chance to upload a picture of a room and you choose a wall paint colour. This has great potential for people who are thinking of painting a room.

TSP – Tell Share Post – TSP

This week, I officially found something to paint. I bought a dresser on an online garage sale from a young family who said they needed something bigger and that it was freshly sanitized. My family helped me pick it up in a little neighboring town. Once we got home we placed it in the garage where there is more room to work on it. 

The dresser came painted white on the wood, giving the dresser a distressed look. It needed a good clean and there’s no harm in cleaning and disinfecting things extra during this time with the pandemic. I needed to wait until there was a nice day outside where I could open the garage door and let the warm breeze in to let it dry. 

Prior to cleaning I had to find which cleaner would be best to use. I saw this video called “Cleaning Furniture With TSP Antique Restoration” so I checked out the cleaning supplies in our house and found some. TSP stands for Trisodium Phosphate. After watching the video, I decided to try to find more information about the cleaner so I read this short article that discusses what you should know before using TSP cleaner. Some things I learned were: TSP is used as a cleaning agent, builder, lubricant, food additive, stain remover, and degreaser and it is harmful to humans and can irritate the eyes and cause damage to the skin. 

What shocked me the most from reading was that Trisodium Phosphate is a popular nutritional supplement that may help  people exercise better. I was flabbergasted; TSP is dangerous to touch yet people can use TSP as a supplement. 

Once I started cleaning, I realized that the cleaning was going to take me longer than I had hoped for. It took TWO hours! I had to first wash it with the TSP mixed with water, let it dry (which didn’t take long on a warm day) then washed it with clean water and repeated this twice. See the picture below of a sneak peak of the dresser I purchased and the dirty water after cleaning the dresser! Stay tuned to see what the dresser looks like after it has been cleaned! 

Do you think the paint came off? Do you enjoy cleaning, painting or find it satisfying to see the progress you or others have created? Comment a picture of something you would love to paint on a canvas or a furniture piece as I would love to see your ideas! 🙂

Sooo Dirty!!
Sooo Dirty!!

Will School in the Fall, Fall Behind?

What are your projections for teaching & learning for this Fall? With information related to the COVID-19 pandemic constantly changing there is a lot of uncertainty. The public are continually learning new things each day about what is happening related to school, the workforce and the lives of people in Canada and around the world. As Saskatchewan plans to re-open on May 19 and slowly add more places that are able to re-open and more people are gathering makes myself personally a little nervous. I do not believe we are ready to re-open. When is the perfect time to start re-opening businesses is an answer I do not have. Do you feel safe and are you ready to get back to “normal?”

Learning in the fall may be different for all students. In particular, I read that the University of Regina released a statement, that discusses that classes may be online for the fall term 2020. As a student, this is a confusing time with so much uncertainty and is a concern for myself personally. 

I believe that I have an advantage if classes are moved to online because:

  • I completed my first year of my education degree while living at home through online courses. This allowed me to be independent, learn about the resources that work for me, and explore zoom and UR courses more.
  • I am currently in EDTC 300 which has helped me learn more about technology and the importance of having a PLN.
  • I have access to a computer with good internet quality.
  • I have a great support system here at home where my family is. 

For this I am grateful, blessed and thankful. Being grateful, blessed and thankful is something my family believes. (*Side note my sister and I made the signs below to showcase our families beliefs!) I understand that some families are not as lucky as I am which would be a huge stress and worry for the students and their family. 

I am thankful, grateful & blessed.

What do you think teaching and learning will look like in 2025? I am not sure what teaching and learning will look like as we are still uncertain of what school will look like in the fall. In my breakroom in my EDTC300 class, the group I was in discussed how classes may be online for high school and post-secondary students, but we felt it would be difficult and may be a lot of responsibility for elementary students (and their families). We also discussed what if there was NO school in the fall. This bothered me the most because students may get behind very quickly if they are not at school. This made me think of some questions I have if all classes resume online: How will teachers approach different learning styles? How far behind will students get? Are we becoming behind or are we learning new and better ways of teaching? How many students do not have access to the internet or a computer? 

Once I was 13 Years Old…

I remember January 20, 2013. This was the day I turned 13, and I was allowed to join Facebook. In order to join Facebook you had to be 13 or older to sign up. Many of the people in my class already had Facebook as they “faked” their age to be able to join. I could not wait to finally have a Facebook account and finally be able to have direct access to my classmates. I was so excited; I already had ideas of what I would post about and had a plan that I would be an active member of the Facebook community to connect with family and friends. 

After having social media for a short amount of time, I realized that I do not like to post as I was unsure of what to post and came to the realization of why I was posting and who am I doing this for? I decided I will be a scroller, who scrolls through the newsfeed and sees other pages and other people’s posts instead of a poster. See the poll I did on Twitter

As time continues to pass, I rarely post about anything and even before I do, I think of why am I posting and what am I looking to get out of this?  I often find myself only looking on social media when I am bored, trying to buy something or selling something online. You would think this means that I am an introvert and a private person. Meanwhile, I believe myself to be an extrovert, who makes friends easily and is easy to talk to. 

Currently in 2020, at 20 years old, I have created my first ever Twitter account. I knew Twitter was the blue bird that tweets, but I didn’t know much else about it. 

Once creating my Twitter account, I learned very quickly this account is going to be slightly different than all my other social media accounts. My Twitter account is to make connections with current and fellow education students. I can no longer be just a scroller, I have to be a poster and post, like, comment and share frequently. Since starting this Twitter journey, my professional growth has improved dramatically. I have been able to meet and connect with more education students at Uof R and learn more about online resources for teachers. Most things Twitter related are new to me. I was most surprised by the live Twitter chat. If I had created this account as a personal account I don’t believe I would have learned as much. 

I will be forever grateful, blessed and thankful for this class, (EDTC300), my fellow classmates and Katia (our professor) everyone who has taught me about the Twitter world and the huge importance of connecting and collaboration. “We can do great things alone but even greater things together.”

Do birds tweet or chirp?

I was impressed by how much Twitter has to offer for anyone who is willing to use. Twitter has so much to offer. The most interesting being the online chats like that Saskedchat my classmates and I participated in. It was overwhelming at first because I was trying to do so many things at once. I wanted to read everyone’s response, reply, like and do my own response.Very interactive, an efficient way of communicating and connecting with others! It was a positive and non-judgemental place and i am thankful to be able to connect with those who attended the saskedchat that night. I learned a lot about twitter that night, about current educators and future educators who I believe all have similar morals and values about teaching students. 

I am not an expert on Twitter, however, now that the saskedchat is over, I have had time to be reflective. I have realized yes I have met some awesome people and I am going to meet so much more. My plan is to at least participate in two more education chatrooms to further my professional growth during this semester. After the semester is over I want to keep reconnecting with others. 

Katia has given the students including myself a list of education chatroom where we can join the conversation. Here is a screenshot. 

Tamantha also shared some chatrooms! Where I found the chatroom #TLAP and attended. 

Some Things I didn’t like about the education chatrooms:

  • It was very fast and overwhelming at first.
  • I found it difficult to answer some of the questions as I have not completed my education degree. The questions seemed to be more teacher focused which I believe is the intent of these chats. To connect, support, and share resources/thoughts with  fellow educators. I thought there may be reflective questions. FOr example, what is one skill you wish you knew or what would you tell an education student. 

Some Things I enjoyed:

  • Very interactive and met lots of new educators.
  • Everyone is helping and supporting each other. 
  • Great way to ask for help or advice.

Overall, I felt the education chatroom is a great resource of student’s on their path to be an educator or current educators. In my most recent education chat I learned a lot about google, teacher resources, and some acronyms (For example, Ss = students & Ps = Parents) I want to keep attending these chatrooms to learn more from others and about myself. Follow me on Twitter to stay updated and connect! #learningneverstops!

Finding A Hobby…

I am eager to get started on my learning project where I will be refurbishing everyday items

At first I had many ideas of what I could do as I had to do a similar project last semester. Some of my ideas were baking, knitting, drawing and some of the other things I wanted to learn. I know I didn’t have the resources like rope to make tassels or to make plant holders.

As an over thinker, I thought long and hard of what I wanted to do. I started baking and I even learned how to make something new to see if this was the project for me. However, after making the donuts; I felt I wasn’t giving it my best. 

Finally, at the supper table my mom asked what my sister and I our thought a of updating the bathroom by painting the walls and the vanity. We had renovation our kitchen about five years back and I loved being apart of decision making. Then things really starting getting my brain thinking clicked. Yes, this is something I want to learn and something I will enjoy doing, and I will have to be detailed and take my time ensuring the paint is smooth and appealing to the eye. So the three of us girls discussed and my mom had said I should practice and we can do the bathroom together once I am done with a few projects as she said it takes about two days to cure the paint so no one would be allowed to use the basement bathroom. 

My mom and sister are both very supportive and are excited for my project. 

I will learn the steps to refurbish, colour schemes and start with small projects and gradually get bigger projects. With hopes of making something for my sister as she just bought her first house and by painting the basement bathroom for my mom.  

Welcome to my learning journey!

Hi Everyone!!

Hi! My name is Carmel. I am currently in to my third year of Elementary Education (K-5). Wahoo Pre-Internship!!

I was born and raised in SOuth East Saskatchewan in Moosomin (which is about ten minutes from the Manitoba border, and home of the famous restaurant, Red Barn.) Moosomin is a small town that is continuing to expand. I like to stay busy within the community. I do this by watching and playing sports, working, volunteering and running a small business with family.

I am excited to learn more as i continue my pre-internship year. I have had some amazing teachers along the way and strive to be as great of a teacher as they have inspired me to question my own thinking allowing me to deepen my own learning growth as a student and future teacher. I will continue to strive to be a lifelong learner and make everlasting connections and relationships with other professionals and future educators that will further allow me development good perfessional relationships.

I have recently created a Twitter account; feel free to connect with me there @carmel_eliza

Lastly lets play a quick game…Can you guess which ones the lie?

  • I have a friend named Carmelle.
  • I have a twin named Carmen.
  • I have contacts.
  • I have an older brother and sister.