The first activity is called, “Good Items”, where you will have to research what are good food items to donate to a food bank. Make a list of five – ten items. Then choose one food item to answer the following questions. In part one, use full sentences to show what question you are answering.  Please label your page with Part One and Part Two.

See below for the document for the questions for part one and for part two instructions.

What is expected of you:

  • That you have five-ten items.
  • Answer all of the questions in part one in complete and detailed sentences so other people know what question you are answering.
  • Create an information poster for part two.
  • Complete both parts on one document. Be sure to label your document with titles and/or subheadings.

If you have time:

  • Add pictures to part one and part two.
  • Add fun facts for part one and part two.
  • Research what other supports are out there for people who are less fortune in Canada or other countries.

This is an activity to introduce food security all around the world. In the next class we will discuss and reflect on the results from the above activity.