Why acknowledge territory and land?

Let’s travel together to the Treaty 4 Gathering. Listen to the Collaborative Statement by Treaty 4 as a preamble to set the context to unify us in this virtual space. Let’s begin by taking a Treaty Walk together to have one common experience.

Explore, Attend, Participate! You will see many sessions that are/were available live and a plethora of pre-recorded for activities for Elementary, Middle Years, High School and Any Ages!

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation NCTR educational resources with excellent videos and resources.

The National Healing Forest Initiative is a grassroots, community-developed, community-led and community-managed process aimed at promoting reflection, spirituality, peace, and health. It is an invitation to Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, institutions, and individuals to create green spaces across Canada to honour residential school victims, survivors, and their families, as well as murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls, and children who have been removed from their families and are now caught in the welfare system. 

Office of the Treaty Commissioner Check out the Treaty Map of SK!