Hi! My name is Carmel. (not Caramel, but maybe just as sweet!! ) I am currently in my third year of Elementary Education program. I will be starting and finishing my internship in the fall of 2021, where I then will graduate with my Elementary Education degree!!

I was born and raised in Moosomin, SK (which is about ten minutes west from the Manitoba Border, and home of the famous restaurant, Red Barn.) Moosomin is a small town that is continuing to expand. Moosomin and area has lots of great farmland, oil, gas and potash. I like to stay busy within the community. I do this by watching and playing sports, volunteering and running a small business with mom and sister.

PS I have a twitter account that you can look at too! Feel free to connect with me on there too @carmel_eliza!

Can you guess which one is the lie?

I have a friend named Carmelle.

I have a twin named Carmen.

I have contacts.

I have an older brother and sister.