I have been working hard on my learning project and have created a few videos to help show my progress. 

First Step: Finding an App:

I found two great ways to document my progress. 

  • First, I downloaded the app InShot on my ipad. This is a free app that can be found in the app store. InShot offers a video editor and video maker. You can upload videos and images to create your own original video. Within the app, you can also create collages if wanted. 
  • Second, I used the timelapse on my ipad. Time-lapse is a video recording mode that captures video at a very low frame meaning there is around one to two frames per second.

As intended, I plan to keep this blog short, it was fun making these videos and I can’t wait to share my learning project process with you. See the following videos below: 

My First Video: Sanding

My Second Video: Post Sanding

My Third Video: What is Stick It? (featuring my Mom!!) 

My EDTC 300 classmate, Julia states the following about the InShot app, “ this app includes its extraordinary range of editing tools”, which I couldn’t agree more. From my EDTC class,  I have learned that Julia has learned and has experimented more with the InShot app than I have. This gives me hope that I can show my growth even further by using some of the features on my final video – The Summary of Learning. 

My biggest struggle was uploading to youtube, it took over a day to post. I had canceled uploading and finally got it uploaded on the third try! Overall, I had a great experience and am looking forward to learning more about the tools on this app to improve my editing skills!

I also HIGHLY recommend reading Julia’s blog and watching the video she posted that is an overview of the app InShot and how to use the app InShot. video…

Lydia also has a great blog that helps explain how to use iMovie. Check her blog.

Check out Morgan’s blog and how he created a tool called Loom, that I haven’t heard about, and learn about his business progression of Mojo Designs!!

I want to commend all my other classmates who have taken the time to learn a new tool to express/progress in their learning project. You have also done a great job at finding many resources!