I like this video, because it has a lot of information about the colour wheel. I really liked how Cody and Ashlee talk about the vibe you want to give the room. This has helped give me more insight on what I want to do. 

Some options I like are:

White: matches my room and has a modern look.

Some colour options I posted to Twitter

Grey: neutral, matches colours well.

Aqua blue: matches my room now, but may not in the future (and would be more difficult to sell my project, if I choose to.)

Brown: always in style, may be hard to match as there are many hues of brown.

Also consider what the meaning of these colours are:

I think white, grey & brown are plain colours, but this paint on the walls brings out the white, grey & brown. 

I think aqua is inviting to the room, but this may cause difficulties with picking a colour for the walls. 

It is also important to note that the dresser is in a bedroom which is a personal space for a person/people. 

 *Side note this video which is uploaded from Lowes and says that their website offers customers a chance to upload a picture of a room and you choose a wall paint colour. This has great potential for people who are thinking of painting a room.