Participation and engagement are crucial for classrooms to function especially since classes have been moved to remote learning and both are equally important for inside the classroom. Michael Wesch’s video, called “An Anthropological Introduction on YouTube.”  on YouTube is a video I recommend others to watch.  It shows the growth of social media and how it has changed drastically over the past decade. Technology advances help support multiple students with different learning styles and enhance the information to be processed.  Here is a quiz to see what learning style you are. The website, education planner, has a series of twenty questions that must be answered, and then describes your percentage of the three types of learning styles. The three learning styles are: 

  • Auditory: If you are an auditory learner, you learn by hearing and listening. You understand and remember things you have heard.
  • Tactile: If you are a tactile learner, you learn by touching and doing.
  • Visual: If you are a visual learner, you learn by reading or seeing pictures. 

On the left side bar, there is a resource that shows what study habits you may be able improve upon. Knowing how you learn best, may help you learn what you can do for yourself and may help you with your learning journey. Teachers may use many strategies in the classroom to ensure  their instruction supports the many different learning styles. Educators may use twitter or other social media to collaborate and share ideas to make their classroom inclusive to multiple learning styles. Not only are connections with other education teachers important, teachers  need to be aware of the apps that are being used today by our students; knowing about current apps may give teachers insight on how technology affects students. 

Growing alongside technology for our education professional development is necessary for our classrooms as technology has the power to enhance our classrooms.

  • How do you learn best?
  • What learning style fits you best?
  • What are your study habits?