From this article, I learned more about types of paint and which would be best for me to use on the dresser that I am refinishing. I have learned that there are: 

  •  Latex paint has multiple finishes including satin, semi-gloss, or glossy finishes.
  • Chalk Paint is water-based paint typically has latex as its base, but delivers a thicker, buildable texture.
  • Milk paint for furniture is popular for its eco-friendly ingredients with no chemicals or added fumes.

Most of all, this video has really helped me in the process of my learning project. It shows cleaning, sanding and painting of a dresser. I am hoping to use the electric sander for my next project!

Home Hardware Website

Later, I went onto the Home Hardware website to see what they had to offer for different kinds of paint. They had a variety of paints and I fell in love with the chalk paint colours.. So I screenshotted some of the options I had and posted to twitter to ask my followers to help decide which colour to use. 

I went into our local Home Hardware where I showed the staff what I wanted to paint and asked their advice then what colour they thought would work. They suggested I use a different type of paint specially designed for furniture and cabinets. The staff mentioned that the chalk paint works well as it dries fast, which is a plus, but also means that brush strokes can be seen if you revisit an area for touch-up once the paint has started to dry. She suggested this product as you would save a step and that they could mix this paint to any colour I want. So, I decided to buy some screws and other non-related items as I wanted a day to think about this decision. 

What’s Next

  • Learning about colour schemes.
  • Picking a colour.