O Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree!

Another week, another cake to be decorated.  For this blog, I wanted to look at another social platform and see if I could find a good video on how to decorate a cake. So I pick Facebook to look at, I knew I would be able to find lots of good decorating videos on her as people are always sharing different food videos. The fist thing I did was look up Christmas cupcake (as we are decorating a cupcake instead of a cake) and I found a bunch of different short videos on Christmas cupcakes. So I began to look at all the different design I could do, I spent a good 10 minutes looking as I fell into a rabbit hole and just kept looking at all the different videos.  But I finally found one i like, which was Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

These cupcakes seem pretty easy to do and it had simple steps. I first had to start thinking what else i can use to make the tree that isn’t a waffle cone, as I was not going  to buy a box of waffle cone for one cupcake. So I decide to use paper instead and it worked great, I just cut the paper into a circle, cut  down to the middle but only halfway and then started to fold the paper to make cone shape.

I started with putting white icing as the base, i then put green icing on the paper cone as a base for when I do the piping. I carefully put the paper cone on top of the cupcake and started piping icing all around the cone. Once i was done, I put powdered sugar on top of the tree to make it look like snow. After that I was done decorating the cupcake.

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