I’m Through… with Doubt, There’s Nothing Left of MSN to Figure Out…

A Reflective Walk Through My Digital Literacy Journey & Experiences

Check Stop #1—Balancing Our Plates

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After a few crazy weeks in the classroom, I can finally say that I am feeling a bit more relaxed and ready to take on my usual duties without feeling so strained, fatigued, or even burnt out. I’ve been spending my mornings a little less structured and trying to get items checked off my list. For the first time in my career I was feeling maxed out, a feeling so foreign to me. Although there were other factors in the classroom happening besides COVID that contributed to this feeling, I am really looking forward to a fresh start after the break and a renewed sense of energy and rejuvenation. So, before you get reading this week’s blog post, I hope Y’all are balancing your plates over the break and doing whatever you need to feel better. Grab a good coffee or beverage of choice, and cozy up for a lengthy read (or heck, skip to the end and leave some feedback—no judgment here… honestly.)

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And If You’re Faced with a Choice, and You Have to Choose, I Hope You Choose the Podcast that Means the Most to You…

An Update on Our Major Learning Project

A Bump in the Road and a Dent in the Rim

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This past week was a bit tricky in my world. From dealing with tough situations at school, that had me second-guessing the teaching profession, to the ongoing saga of taking restrictions away, my head was spinning. Keeping teachers safe in the classroom was something that kept jumping to the forefront of my brain. When talking to many colleagues, and teachers near and far, many of us are feeling something that we haven’t felt before… ultimate burnout. From growing expectations to less and less support, all the way to feeling like the rug is being pulled from under us, there’s a lot that teachers are dealing with on a daily basis to try to keep our kiddos safe, engaged, and learning, often putting our own needs out of scope.

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Teaching, Teaching, Teaching, Teaching… Please I’m Begging of You Schools to Keep on Changing

Do Schools Really Need to Change?

Classic Musings Before Getting Started

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Not only was last week’s class full of rich discussion, but the Discord chat has also been pretty active throughout the week. When reading through the many blog posts that my peers have been diligently writing over the past week, each post brought so many questions to my brain that I felt as if my head was spinning. I found myself thinking and rethinking and then thinking again. So many questions were swirling around, and I found myself having a tricky time writing my post because I kept restarting time and time again.

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