Gimme One About the Teacher Who’s, Tryin’ to Learn a Cricut Project or Two

Wrapping Up the Final Learning Project

Making T-Shirts & The Easy Press Purchase

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I know that Curtis was really looking forward to an apron this semester, and Leigh would probably agree that it would complete the look, but it has been something that I have been putting off. Why you might ask? Well, I know how to make the vinyl and I have watched a ton of videos on how to do the heat press transfer, but I don’t have a regular old iron and I was waiting for a Black Friday sale to find a good deal on an Easy Press 9×9. Now the problem is really, what colour do I get? And there is a $15-$20 difference between Raspberry ($141.29), Mint ($156.76), and Daybreak ($169.97). So, now all of the choices to make! The sale is running all Black Friday weekend, so it gives me some time to make a choice. I think I’m going towards the mint one, as it’s right down the middle in terms of pricing, and I know it won’t get dirty as fast as the white one. (UPDATE: I got the mint one. I went to see the Daybreak one in person, and although I love it, I couldn’t justify the price when the Raspberry one was so much cheaper. Therefore, I went down the middle and got the Mint one.) I’m not in love with the Raspberry red, but I do like the price. Maybe one day if I really stick to this and get better at it, the Easy Press Mini would be a good idea to have too. Time will only tell on that one.

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I’ve Been Staring at All of the Cricut Projects, ‘Long as I Can Remember, Never Really Knowing Why

A Quick Update on the Ole’ Learning Project

A Lot of Learning & Research

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Although I haven’t been as active on the old Cricut machine as I would have liked to have been lately with the move and all, I have been behind the scenes doing a bunch of Cricut learning mainly through Pinterest, the Internet, and an occasional TikTok video or two. There is still a lot that I have to learn, but I am taking it one step at a time. Unlike some projects I have picked up over the years and tried to complete faster than I started them, I am really trying to slow this one down, enjoy the process and use it as a life-long skill (or as long as the Cricut is around for). There’s a lot to learn still, and I am excited but pacing my learning for my own mental health and wellness, as well as balancing all of the plates I seem to have in the air. So, take a ride with me through the tales of the research I have been doing lately, and where I plan to go from here. As always, thanks for hopping along for the ride, I see you, and I appreciate you.  

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‘Cause All of Me, Loves All of You, Love Your Cricut Cutting Vinyl, All Your Perfect Fonts and Projects

Working Towards a Journey of Learning

Getting Situated

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Because I am starting with the Cricut machine purchased by the school, I first had to take down the boxes off of the shelf and reorganize all of them. I mean, it’s great we have the tools and some supplies, but the Amazon box used as an organizer isn’t quite hacking it for me. So, because I am who I am and love all things organized (minus I’m falling real short in that department at home and in my car lately), I started to look online for better organizational options. I started first with Amazon (full credit to the box inspiration) and of course, found an endless amount of options. Let’s be honest, I should have known better, but I was still shocked by the sheer number of items available to organize all things Cricut. And if you didn’t think that was enough, check out Pinterest for even more ideas here! Anyways, one thing led to another and I eventually asked the principal if there was in fact a budget for an expense such as that one… he’s still getting back to me (I wonder why… ha!).

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