Show Me the Meaning of Digital Citizenship… Is this the Feeling of Good Teaching?

Teaching Digital Citizenship: The Role of Schools & Educators

The Role of Schools & Educators

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This week I was lucky enough to present on this topic with Durston, Gerry, and Gunpreesh. If you’re interested in how each of us summarized the articles we discussed, you can check out our video link here. Durston introduced us to an article, 3 Ways to Foster Digital Citizenship in Schools which included badge training, after-lunch meetings, and parent talks as three ways to engage stakeholders with the content. From there, Gerry continued on the same path and discussed two separate articles: Digital Citizenship in Saskatchewan Schools and Teaching Media Literacy in Europe: Evidence of Effective School Practices in Primary and Secondary Education. Because the articles are lengthy, you may want to check out the summary video to hear the condensed version of the articles. From there, I introduced an article called Making Digital Citizenship Stick which was a short read that discussed digital citizenship in the classroom and the basics of digital citizenship. Finally, Gunpreesh found an easy-to-read guide for K-5 that focuses on self-guided digital citizenship activities, in the commonsense article: Quick Digital Citizenship Activities for K-5 Distance Learning.

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I’m Through… with Doubt, There’s Nothing Left of MSN to Figure Out…

A Reflective Walk Through My Digital Literacy Journey & Experiences

Check Stop #1—Balancing Our Plates

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After a few crazy weeks in the classroom, I can finally say that I am feeling a bit more relaxed and ready to take on my usual duties without feeling so strained, fatigued, or even burnt out. I’ve been spending my mornings a little less structured and trying to get items checked off my list. For the first time in my career I was feeling maxed out, a feeling so foreign to me. Although there were other factors in the classroom happening besides COVID that contributed to this feeling, I am really looking forward to a fresh start after the break and a renewed sense of energy and rejuvenation. So, before you get reading this week’s blog post, I hope Y’all are balancing your plates over the break and doing whatever you need to feel better. Grab a good coffee or beverage of choice, and cozy up for a lengthy read (or heck, skip to the end and leave some feedback—no judgment here… honestly.)

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