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A Brief Overview of the Course

Although I had previously posted quite a lengthy blog post about my course prototype many moons ago, which you can find here, I thought that I would begin this blog post with a short summary of the course prototype that I had blogged about previously. Although the last one was quite lengthy (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you cut to the summary at the end), I promise this one will be much shorter.

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STOP! Collaborate & Listen.

Focusing on Meaningful Interactions
within My Online Blended Learning Course

This week, we were assigned to read Bate’s (2019) Online Collaborative Learning, from Chapter 4 section 4. Although I feel as if I have a pretty good understanding of the meaning of collaboration, I felt as if I learned a lot about constructivist teaching and the way that students are encouraged and supported through their learning. From the basis of constructivist theory, collaborative learning theory (OCL) emerged. It made me rethink my idea of collaboration and how I define and implement strategies that promote collaboration in my teaching. Harasim (2017) elaborates:

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s Reflecting on Their Projects and All?

Summaries & Shout Outs

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How are y’all? It has been a hot minute since I have been on here blogging away. Pick-up your coffee (or select drink of choice) and hop along for a quick (actually quite lengthy) ride down reflection lane.

I want to take a moment here to debrief the last class and reflect on a few points. First off, I appreciated Catherine sharing more about SeeSaw with us, as I am very unfamiliar with this educational technology tool and often feel overwhelmed when looking at it. I felt as if I was not a great asset for Tessa when she was asking for pointers in Grade 1 & 2, as I have never taught anything below Grade 6. I honestly, would not even know where to start with those little beaners. Let us just say, 15 minutes of Kindergarten supervision three times a week, meets my quota of trying to understand the younger kiddos.

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