If I Were Single-Tasking, I’d Turn Off My Phone, Tell Everyone It’s Broken, So They’d Think I Was Multi-Tasking Alone

Investigating the Internet & Productivity
(Week 2: Post 1)

Is the Internet Really a Productivity Tool?

Tranmautritam photo courtesy of Pexels.com

Prior to watching the Single-Tasking is the New Multi-Tasking video, I wouldn’t have given much thought to whether the internet was a productivity tool or not. Originally, I probably would have felt like the internet was a useful tool to save time, and to find multiple sources of information in less time than it would be to go to a library, use the catalog system (on the internet) to find a book, and then use somewhat dated information to find what I was looking for. Therefore, I would have considered it to be a pretty useful productivity tool and something that I use often.

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