Just Another Stage, Social Media the Pain Away, This Time I’m Gonna Take to Activism, Without Falling Down, Down, Down…

Debate #4: Educators Have a Responsibility to Use Technology & Social Media to Promote Social Justice
Week #4: Post #2

Woof, What a Week!

laptop and books on floor carpet
Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Wow, what a week. With Regina Public Schools’ internet and systems still being down and my spouse on a 5-day fishing trip on a remote island up north, there has been a lot of juggling going on. To be completely honest here, I felt like I was reliving the points of both debates all week, at times thinking “gosh, I wish I would have asked this question” or “maybe I should have thought about this” and so on. Both debates were heated. Maybe it was the prompt or the group members each doing a good job of debating their stances, however, there was a lot to digest, evaluate and summarize long after the debates.

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