If I Made You Feel Second Best, Cellphone I’m Sorry I Was Blind, You Were Always on My Mind

Debate #6: Cellphones Should Be Banned in the Classroom
(Week #5: Post #2)

Looking Forward to Hearing from YOU!

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This is an especially interesting topic to me, and I think that most people fall on one side or the other, and only a few fall right down the middle. I am interested to hear what other people have to say about this topic, especially how their own experiences have shaped their feelings. I know that there are a few of us in the course that aren’t social media users, and there are also a few that are very active, so it’s always interesting to see what people have to say. I think that both of the topics for this week fit together nicely, and I think that points brought up this week could be interchanged for either debate. Very interesting, indeed!

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EC&I830, Take the Wheel, Take It From My Autopilot, ‘Cause I Can’t Do This On My Own, I’m Letting Go…

Debate #3: Schools should no longer teach skills that can be easily carried out by technology (e.g., cursive writing, multiplication tables, spelling).

Week #4: Post #1

Coming in Hot!

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Okay, I had to take some time and really cool down after this debate. I’m not sure if it is because it was our group that was involved in the debate, or if it is because I in fact do feel very strongly about this blog prompt, or if it is a combination of both, but gosh I still feel amped up a day later. A special shout-out to Leah, as I know that earlier in the semester she had volunteered to be moved from the topic she had signed up for, to this one so that Sushmeet wasn’t alone. Also, I appreciated how Katia was able to take some feedback that she received about the debates last week, to change things up to make things run more smoothly and to keep the topics flowing and the debates moving. So, a special thanks to her as well. The new format seemed to work a lot better, and people were using the chat to engage in dialogue outside of the main speaking roles.

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