I Believe Kids Oughta Stay Kids, As Long As They Can, Turn Off the Screen, Go Climb a Tree, And Take a Break From Online Learnin’…

Debate #8: Online Education is Detrimental to the Social and Academic Development of Children

(Week #6: Post #2)

This, or That? I’m Still Not Sure…

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Okay, team, I know that this probably isn’t what you want to hear about our last debate topic, but this was one that I really feel indifferent about. I wasn’t really pulled to one side or another, and I think that I really fall right down the middle (exactly what teachers want with persuasive writing, right?). With a lot of the debate prompts this semester, the wording itself made me feel very strongly maybe too strongly at times. I wonder if I feel less strongly about this topic because I think that we need to separate pandemic teaching from online teaching, to begin with. Pandemic teaching isn’t a great reflection of online teaching and learning—online learning is a choice—pandemic online learning was an emergency plan to try to keep kiddos learning and engaged. The only other thing that I would change about the prompt would be to specify an age range, as some people were thinking really young children, and others were thinking high school kiddos. It does change perspectives on things quite a bit, or at least I think so anyway.

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I Can Almost See It, That Dream I’m Dreaming, But, There’s a Voice Inside My Head Saying, It’s Not Your Responsibility…

Debate #7: Educators and Schools Have a Responsibility to Help Their Students Develop a Digital Footprint

(Week #6: Post #1)

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Feeling the Calm-er Vibes

To be quite honest, I quite enjoyed this debate topic. Even though people seemed to really be on one side or the other, it wasn’t heated at all. I wasn’t fired up, and I was able to communicate ideas quite clearly. There were a lot of great points that were brought up on both sides, but something that kept coming up over and over again was the idea that teachers are unprepared for teaching kiddos about digital citizenship and footprints, and many people are using the two ideas interchangeably. However, before I get too far into summarizing my own thoughts on the idea, take a quick peek at some of the main points I gathered from the debate.

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