Tech Equity is as Real as it Gets, and There’s No Way Around it… There’s a Road that’s Been Through Hell, and Tech Equity has Been Down It…

Debate #2: Technology has Led to a More Equitable Society
(Week #3: Post #2)

Some Initial Thoughts

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I almost feel a bit pessimistic here lately on the old blog, as again this is a statement that I disagree with. Unlike the other one where if the wording was altered even in the slightest I could see myself changing my mind, however, with this one, I have to say that again I have to disagree with this statement even before the debaters have a chance to argue their sides.

For this debate, we have 6 people total, 3 on each side. For the Hip-Hip-Horray Side (agree with side), we hear from Tracy, Nicole W, and Stephen. On the No Way! Side (disagree side) we hear from Christina, Amaya, and Matt. This is an especially interesting debate for me, as this originally was the statement that I tried to sign up for under the disagree side as I feel quite strongly about it right from the get-go. Before hearing some of my thoughts, I want to summarize some of the main points that each group brought forward.

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