Yeah, On the Outside I Look Fragile, But On the Inside is a Podcast Episode We Crushed, Cause I’m EC&I Strong…

A Quick Update of Our Major Learning Project

Where We’re At

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Okay team, I just wanted to write a quick overview of where we are at in terms of our major learning project. For those of you that don’t know Durston and I have been working on making a podcast channel and have recorded three episodes as of right now. If you want to hear more about the first episode I blogged about, check it out here. Anyways, Durston has been working very diligently at editing the second episode and getting everything published and in order that way. A huge shout out to him, as he has really pulled the weight off both of us with his technical skills.

Anyways, the second episode was super fun to record, although there were a few things that we needed to work out on our end besides the technical stuff. We found that sometimes we were hesitant to speak, not knowing when the other person was going to speak or wanted to elaborate on something further, etc. So, we came up with a plan to press the raise hand button when we wanted to speak after the guest so that it would flow more smoothly.

Another thing we want to try to do is to get the podcast length to be around 30 minutes. On all the episodes so far, we’ve done a pretty good job of that, but we want to try to do a better job of ensuring it’s right on the mark that way. In hindsight after the first episode, we also realized that we didn’t take the time to introduce ourselves and just assumed that most people would know who we are and what technology looked like for us growing up. In the second episode, we made sure to do a better job of introducing our guests properly, to giving some background information before the episode begins.

Podcast Episode #2 Resource

Moving & Growing

Going forward there are quite a few things that we wanted to work on as mentioned previously. However, what I look forward to most in this project is securing more guests that have different experiences, backgrounds, and uses for the technology. I also want to learn more about the technical side of things, like editing and incorporating music, etc. I know that this is definitely one of my weaknesses (okay, it is my weakness times 1000) and I know that it will be frustrating and difficult for me to learn, but I want to do a better job of helping my partner out with this side of things.

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I am also excited to engage in some more authentic conversations that keep it more to the light side, as I know that when things get too serious, it can be challenging to continue listening. I think I will also find and listen to some more podcast channels to get a better idea of things that I like or don’t or things that I want to try out.

Also, after listening to the first podcast episode again, I think I need to work a bit more on some repetitive words like “right”, “tricky”, “um” and so on. I hope that when you listening to the episode you don’t look for those words now that I mentioned it, it was something that didn’t necessarily take away from the flow of the conversation, but it was something that I definitely noticed.

Let’s Hear It

As always, I’d love to hear from you, and I bet Durston would too! This has been such a learning curve for both of us (especially me), and I would love to get better at it and hear some feedback. Like, share, leave a general comment, or answer one or more of the prompting questions below. I appreciate all the time you take out of your busy lives to help me learn. #Gratitude

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  1. Have you listened to our podcast episode #1 or #2 yet? If so, what feedback would you like to give to help us learn?
  2. What are your favourite podcasts to listen to? Why do you keep listening to them/what draws you back for more?
  3. How is your major learning project going? Are you feeling like you’ve made good progress?
  4. Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the due dates nearing?
  5. If you could give us one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

4 thoughts on “Yeah, On the Outside I Look Fragile, But On the Inside is a Podcast Episode We Crushed, Cause I’m EC&I Strong…

  1. Great update on you and Durston’s Major Project, Kelly! I have listened to bits and pieces of both of your podcasts so far, and I find the whole endeavour very impressive. I can’t even fathom all of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a podcast, and I admire your goals for furthering your skills in this area. If I’m being totally honest, I am not much of a podcast person – thinking about it more, I wonder if this is because I am so much more of a visual than auditory learner. I always preferred having words to read or something to look at, rather than just listening to information being presented. Regardless of my personal preferences of media consumption, I think you and Durston are doing an awesome job of producing a polished podcast. I like your idea of trying to stick to 30 minutes – that seems like a happy medium amount of time that people could fit into their routine while cooking supper or going on a commute. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Kara, thanks so much for stopping by and also listening to pieces of our episodes. Honestly, Durston has been an integral part of all of this and has really shown his technology skills. Thanks for the feedback too. We both agreed that we thought 30 minutes was a good length of time. Most of the podcasts my spouse listens to are at least 1.5 hours, and many are closer to 2.5 hours. I remember one time I agreed on a road trip to listen to a “quick” podcast with him. It turned out to be a 5-hour long podcast about navy seals. Not really my cup of tea. I will remember to ask the length of the podcast before agreeing to that again. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for the update! I appreciate all of the critical thought you put into your updates!

    I hate listening to myself speak and am very guilty for the repetitive words and “ums, uh, so” and so on. That must be the biggest hurdle that radio personalities face!

    I listened to podcast #1 and loved it. No critiques there… it is more effort and detail than I have been willing to risk. Creating a podcast seems challenging and I don’t really know where I would begin… so hats off to you and Durston!

    I kind of wish the major project was due last Tuesday (like I thought it was). Once I found out we have until the 12th to submit, my procrastination has taken over. 834 had its major project due yesterday and all I have to do is the summary of learning for it! But this class seems to be lingering in the background and stressing me right out.

    Anyway, great ideas and I am looking forward to the continued success of your podcasts!

    1. I bet you are too hard on yourself and that your voice sounds just fine recorded, Dalton. But I totally get that recording ourselves doing something we are a bit self-conscious of can be intimidating. I hate making videos and feel so inadequate at it, that it makes my brain roll around and around.

      Thanks for listening to our first episode. There is a lot that we still have to learn and work out, but boy have we come a long way!

      I was hoping that the major learning project was due this upcoming week, and the summary of learning the following week. The summary of learning is always something that makes my palms sweat and I know that it is definitely my weakness in the class. I totally get how you are feeling, so don’t feel alone! Keep up the great work, you’re almost there! 🙂

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