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Summary of Learning

A Little Update

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The summary of learning project is something that always stresses me out. I spend a lot of time throughout the semester ensuring that I have put a lot of effort and reflection into my blog posts each week, as well as using my tracker form to ensure that I am getting to all of my peer’s required posts for that week. I try to go over and above and comment on absolutely every post, but I am human, and sometimes I can’t get to all of the extras. Over the course of the next few weeks (or until the course personal evaluation comes out), I will continue to comment on the mandatory blog posts for the week, as well as try to get to any and all of the additional optional posts as well.

Our Summary of Learning

I’ve been stewing about the summary of learning project since before the course even began. As mentioned before, I feel as if this is one of the biggest weaknesses I have in this course, and I often don’t feel creative enough in the technology world to create something that would make Alec’s example list: The Great One’s List. Funny how that works, hey? Why am I still striving the make the list, rather than be satisfied with how much I have learned this semester. I guess it’s those high expectations I have for myself, and how sometimes the lines get blurred on what is realistic and what is fictional.

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Anyways, there were many different ideas that I came up with, thought about some more, and then thought against it. Sometimes it was because I didn’t feel confident enough in my abilities and sometimes it was because I thought that the idea may not be good enough to show my learning. After spending probably too much time thinking about what I was going to do for my summary of learning project, I texted Durston and ran an idea past him. He was planning on doing something else, and then towards the end of the conversation, we came up with the idea of working together one last time this course to show our learning through an episode on our podcast. Is this an original idea? Probably not, but I liked the idea of bridging our learning together with our major learning project.

One Step Further

Just so it wasn’t another episode, we thought that we would take it one more step further and create a few supplementary resources to go with the podcast. From infographics and a Blooket game to a video summarizing our project, we wanted to ensure that we had covered all of our grounds.

In hindsight, I feel as if we really left our summary of learning to the last few days. I totally thought that it was due a week from now, but my indecisiveness really got in the way for me this time. I should probably stop second-guessing myself and go in for it head over heels, but that’s another pep talk for another day.


Video Run Through & Explanation of the Resources/Summary of Learning

Supplementary Infographics

Listen to the Podcast & Have a Little Fun!

I’m All About the Feedback!

Thanks again for following along on my journey throughout the course. This is definitely a more vulnerable post, as I always have such great difficulties with the summary of learning project and feeling adequate about the end result. As always, I appreciate any and all of your feedback. Like, share, leave a general comment, or answer one or more of the following questions. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Do you struggle to come up with ideas for your summary of learning project, or do they just flow naturally for you?
  2. Do you sometimes get caught up with your expectations of yourself and second guess yourself?
  3. Have you also found yourself trying to make The Great Ones List and can’t pinpoint why it’s so important to you?
  4. What is your favourite part of the summary of learning project?
  5. If you could change one thing about the summary of learning project, what would it be and why?  

8 thoughts on “Tell Me Bout’ Your Summary, of Learning, Your Project, Show Me Around…I Wanna See It All, Don’t Leave Anything Out…

  1. Ugh, I totally agree with you when it comes to high expectations. We talked about this after one class with Alec: the more courses we take, the higher the expectation for assignments to continue showing growth and understanding, however, that is hard to do when we already shoot high, to begin with. I think back to my summary of learning in 833 and mine have definitely improved… but I stepped out of my comfort box and did a green screen with a bunch of information. This semester, Leigh and I decided to do a green screen again and (although it was MUCH better than my first one…) I still feel like it didn’t show enough growth. We had plenty of content and lots of editing (less humour than I had hoped, but we were cramming 2 classes in under 20 minutes and didn’t really have time for jokes and narratives).

    It is hard to get the creative juices flowing at the end of the semester. Done is better than perfect when we are plugging away and just trying to stay afloat in our lives (teaching, other jobs, children, etc etc.) You always do a fantastic job of going above and beyond in these courses, so I would say don’t stress and enjoy those victories. Your podcasts have been great! I have really enjoyed listening to them. Creating a podcast is something new and exciting and fits with the whole theme of this class / your major project.

    I, too, want on that damn list but it is such a fickle goal that probably won’t matter in a year’s time. I have seen some great names on there… many highly renowned tech teachers and consultants in my division have their glowing names on the list and I would like to join them, but I am also satisfied with the hard work I have done in this course and the amount of effort I was able to put in while doing two classes, teaching full-time, and working a part-time job. So, at the end of the day, satisfaction in myself is more important than the notoriety and excitement of making it on the list.

    I love the summary of learning because I end up going back and going deeper on all of the class content from the Google doc and start drawing connections to each other. This summary was particularly fun (I am a nerd) because Leigh and I sat down with all of the content from 832 and 834 and drew on connections between the courses! As much as it may seem like a cop-out because we did bridge a lot of content to each other, it was actually more educational because we had to work different pieces of each class into each other. I almost wish we could capstone the ed-tech classes as they all fit so nicely together.

    I will stop rambling now. Great work this semester! We both have a lot to be proud of!

    1. Sorry for the lateness of my reply, Dalton. I was wanting to wait to respond until I have a few minutes and actually put forward a good response to your comment.

      It’s always hard trying to step outside of your comfort zone, and still be a perfectionist when you full out know that when you learn something new you can’t always be as good as you want yourself to be at it. That being said, having high expectations can be a great thing! As long as they can be balanced with reality and balance. This semester I found myself to be more burnt out than normal. Not sure if it was just the work-life balance, the cold weather, COVID, and the changing expectations and regulations around that, or just a build-up from many months of craziness before that.

      What a crazy goal that we have, hey? To end up on some list really doesn’t mean a ton to most people, but for some people like us, it really does. So weird. I mean, we should be proud of our accomplishments and what we bring to the course, rather than ending up on a list. I think some people are goal-focused, and then there are people like us that are almost fixated on it. This semester I have let that go a bit more. I know that ending up on a list is appreciating the end result more than the process, and I know that focusing on the process is really what matters.

      I have a love-hate relationship with the Summary of Learning project. I like it, and I see the importance of it, but I know that it is also a real struggle for me to continue to come up with creative ideas and push myself that much further.

      Thanks for your comment, and sorry again it took me a while to respond! 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Congratulations on all your hard work this semester! Like Dalton mentioned, you always go above and beyond which highlights your dedication to learning and holding high expectations for yourself. I, too, have enjoyed following along on your blog and podcasts this semester. Your summary of learning (along with your Major Project Podcasts) with Durston are something to be proud of! I would be surprised if your name isn’t added to the Great Ones List! I also love that you took the extra step of creating infographics and a Blooket to go along with Summary of Learning. The infographics are really well done and are a nice visual to sum up your learning. All the best!

    1. Gosh, you are far too kind Rae. Thanks so much for following along on our journey. It’s been a heck of a lot of learning, a lot of fun, and some good memories. Thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback on my post! I still can’t believe that you have been able to get so much accomplished in terms of the coursework, learning, and having a baby on top of it all! I hope that you finally get some time to just enjoy the new babe and recover! Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon! Good luck on your journey!

  3. Congrats on all of your hard work throughout the semester! I have appreciated your comments and reflections on my posts, which always indicated that you spent time truly thinking about your responses and interacting with the content. It sounds like you and Durston did a fantastic job working on creating informative and entertaining podcasts. Are you planning to continue on with these in the future? (I am heading over there now for a listen, but I wanted to comment first and say thank you for all that you have done to be supportive.)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Patricia. I am glad that you appreciated my comments on your posts. I too like getting feedback and it’s always interesting to see what people have to say. Durston and I worked really well together and had a lot of fun. We also learned a ton too! Durston is wanting to continue the journey in the podcast world, and if he’s willing to, I would love to jump along for the ride. Thanks for following along and spending time commenting on my posts. I really appreciate all of the feedback! Good luck in your Capstone project! 🙂

  4. Kelly, you have been a wealth of knowledge all semester and I love that you went above and beyond yet again to include the “extras” to go along with your podcast. You and Durston have a nice professional chemisty in your podcasts and it’s engaging and fun to listen to. This was an excellent summary of learning! Well done to both you and Durston!

    1. Holly, you really are way too kind! I really don’t feel like a wealth of knowledge, but I am glad that I was able to help you out in some way. Thanks for listening to our podcast and summary of learning. It’s been quite the learning journey, but very worth it. Thanks again for the kind words and for stopping in. I really appreciate it all! 🙂

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