Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s Reflecting on Their Projects and All?

Summaries & Shout Outs

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How are y’all? It has been a hot minute since I have been on here blogging away. Pick-up your coffee (or select drink of choice) and hop along for a quick (actually quite lengthy) ride down reflection lane.

I want to take a moment here to debrief the last class and reflect on a few points. First off, I appreciated Catherine sharing more about SeeSaw with us, as I am very unfamiliar with this educational technology tool and often feel overwhelmed when looking at it. I felt as if I was not a great asset for Tessa when she was asking for pointers in Grade 1 & 2, as I have never taught anything below Grade 6. I honestly, would not even know where to start with those little beaners. Let us just say, 15 minutes of Kindergarten supervision three times a week, meets my quota of trying to understand the younger kiddos.

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Technology & Teaching Tools

This is in addition to my latest post: Kick, Boom, Powtoon! A Review of Powtoon as an Educational Content Creation Tool. Many educational content creation tools and technology tools have been discussed, tried, and shared throughout the course. I wanted to ensure that I wrote all of these ideas down somewhere that I, as well as others, can access and use whenever they want. We are strongest when we are working together as a team.

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Kick, Boom, Powtoon! A Review of Powtoon as an Educational Content Creation Tool

Walking in the Woods: A Few Reflections

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Have you ever walked through the woods alone? If you have, it can be quite scary. However, walking with a guide is less scary as they know the landscape and what lurks behind the shadows. They also have the experience to help you through the unknowns. I feel as if I am walking through the woods of EC&I 834 with many guides, and feel supported through my rapid learning in the content area.

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